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Showcase your little legends Kindy Skills with a lifelong keepsake


Social Skills


Language Skills


Emotional Connection to the world 

KindyCast is a video podcast that spotlights your child's time in Kindy and the milestones that they have achieved through the year. There is a star in all of us and we like to make that star shine in your child. Can it get chaotic? oh yeah! But isn't that what being a kid is about, shouldn't we capture those moments and laugh with our kids now and into the future. This video podcast is delivered as a private link which is guaranteed to be grandparent proof! Check out this Podcast with Bodhi and catch all the feels with cuteness, hilarity, chaos and love. 

They say don't work with kids or animals, We want to work with kids that think they are animals

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Our Features

Customisation You Will Love


Custom Images in Intro

We love looking at photos of ourselves and our kids are no different, that's why we customise the intro to include photos of your child throughout their year in Kindy. We request access to your Kindy Groups Story Park however if not that is no worries, you are more than welcome to send though to our email address some of your favourite photos. 


Custom Questions 

No one knows their child better than you. We ask you what the best questions to ask your child are in an effort to guide the conversational a little better. If you're not sure, don't worry we have a lot of template questions to choose from. 


5 Frames Templates to Pick from 

Some of us like water, some like land and others like the wind. We are all so different and so are our kids so we offer 5 different frames to frame the podcast. It add a bit of detail that shines a light on your child personality. 

Choose from 

Supehero | Dinosaur | Constuction | Princess | colourful arts | cute animals


Personalised to your Kindy

This is a memento to mark the end of an era preparing for their entry into Prep and "big school". We liaise with the Kindy to ensure we know all of the activities your child has participated in and ensure we are spot on with out understanding of your child's curriculum. 

Our Frame Templates

Let's have a go at capturing who your child is before we ask a question. Pick from one of our 5 frame templates to frame your child's podcast. Below are example of the feature screen as well as what your podcast will look like when your child is in full story mode ;) 

Animal Theme

Animal Template - Bodhi Craig.png
Animal Template - Bodhi Screenshot.png

Whimsical Theme

Superhero Theme

Bodhi Screenshot.jpg

Princess Theme

Princess Template - Willow.png
Princess Template - screenshot from bodhi.png

Construction Theme

Construction Template - Bodhi.png
Construction Template - Bodhi Screenshot.png

What Now?


Order you KindyCast 

Book in your KindyCast today! Enter your personal details and lock in your spot! An email will be sent from TributePod with a questionaire about your child to make the experience as personalised as possible which includes what perosnlaised frame you would like (have a look above) they are pretty cool and adds that fun element to the video podcast


Recording of your Video Podcast

TributePod have already arranged a date to record your KindyCast with your Kindy. Wow, that so easy..... I know right! So at this stage put your feet up and giggle at possible crazy answers your child might come up with. 


The First Draft 

Oh yeah, there will definitely be a draft version of this for you to review. You as the parent have complete creative control with unlimited edits (we want to get this memory right for you , your family and extended family and friends). You will receive a private link with a form to make changes in a way our editing team can understand. 


It's Here

Wow, that was quick.... Lets turn around this memento ready for your Kindy Graduation. A tip of the hat to years developing skills ready for parents to cry at the end of Kindy and the start of prep ( we should have charged extra for tissues!). A private link that even your grandparents will understand will be sent to you that you can keep for every. If you would like the hardcopy video, that can be provided. 

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