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About Us

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

Lets use the technology we create, not to divide us, but help create greater connections. 

Lets put thought into our friendships and relationships 

Lets put meaning in our gestures 

Lets celebrate those in our life and not the influence around us

Our Story

If you ask Mitch what started TributePod, his answer will reference creating a personalised present for his brothers wedding,  however if you know Mitch, TributePod is him in a nutshell; kind, compassionate, conversational and funny. Mitch has been unknowingly building TributePod throughout his life, whether it was always talking when he shouldn’t, experiencing a multitude of industries and professions or shedding the occasional tear at children’s movies, his life’s work and character traits has culminated in a thoughtful, meaningful and expressive experience for all.  With Mitch at the core, the vision and mission of TributePod will always centre around the customer and the creation of a safe space in order to tell your story using trusted systems and processes. 

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Our Character - Sincerity

Wholesomeness    Trustworthiness    Honesty     Authenticity   Cheerfulness 

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Our Vision

To create a wholesome experience for stories to be told professionally, thoughtfully and efficiently for families and friends wanting to connect emotionally. TributePod is a brand that represents personal connection and dedication, providing a quality service that is professional, engaging and modern.


To connect Australia emotionally 

To support vulnerability and spotlight thoughtfulness

To Inspire moments of honesty and sincerity 

Our Mission 

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Our Vision 

We conduct ourselves with integrity 

We work to be remarkably transparent 

We strive to ensure all people are celebrated and equally respected 

We believe in the story of the customer

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