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Looking for the perfect way to capture your child's Kindy experience before they venture off into the world of prep, school and running the world. Then welcome to KindyCast. We capture the essence of who your child is, what their experience was like, who their friends are and letting their personality shine throughout the chaos that is interviewing children :) 


KindyCast is a 5 Minute Video Podcast capturing your child's favourite moment in Kindy and Daycare, as well as capturing their personality to commemorate a significant part of their life, growing and developing in anticipation for their launch into "Big School" 


All KindyCast's are completely individualised with a choice of 5 frame templates matching your child's personality and current interests, with custom questions you think might help with the interview. Whether you like to go camping as a family or you know your little legend loves the beach, let us know through our questionaire and we will ask the right question and let the magic happen. 


TributePod prides itself on ensuring all of these personal momento's are completly private and grandparent proof!  A private link will be provided with your video. If you would like a hardcopy, this can also be arranged. 


How it works. 

1. Answer the relevant questions after the payment 

2. TributePod will film on a day aranged by your Daycare/Kindy

3. A draft will be provided to you for approval. (There are unlimited edits to ensure your memento is exactly what you want) 

4. Your KindyCast Podcast is confirmed and sent to you ready for graduation!!!! (Excitement with sad face) 

KindyCast - Video Podcast


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