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To My Bride 

Give the gift of truth and sincerity to your bride on your wedding day. A TributePod to your future wife will last an eternity and will be something that she will have for the rest of her life to listen back to. 

Imagine her waking up on your wedding day and listening to you talk about how you met, what you think of her and your excitement for the future. 

We believe the brides parents and bridesmaids will hoist you on their shoulders shouting your name in a parade of onlookers perplexed by your thoughtfulness, while your beautiful bride will be too emotional and overcome with love to stop them. 

(This has never happened, but geez we will be excited when it does)

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Perfect as a wedding gift from the bride or groom

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Perfect for the bridesmaids or groomsmen to dedicate together

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You want something else, that's fine by us. Consider it done. 

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To My Groom 

Start the day with a bang! Dedicate a podcast to your future husband and let him know exactly how you feel, the happiness and excitement you are feeling for the big day. Recount the origin story of your love or recite all the things you would love to change in him over the next 10 years. The microphone is yours to express your love and excitement however that may look. 
Close your eyes and imagine walking down the aisle, the aisle that you have imagined for months or years, looking into the eyes of man you love, in your beautiful dress, knowing that the present you gave him this morning set the tone for your life with your forever man.  


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From the Groomsmen

"I must say, flicking on a podcast with all your mates sharing cracking stories makes the commute to work so much better" Blake 

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Get the groomsmen together to reminisce over the stories that brought you all together as mates.  Let the groom know what it means to you to be standing up at the front by his side. 
You know those stories you always recite when you meet at the pub, etch those stories into the history books in honour of your best mates wedding. 
Grab a series with plenty of space to all tell your stories. 

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From the Bridesmaids

Calling all woo girls, shy girls, confident girls and all round legends. A girls best friends are a force to be reckoned with. Everyone knows that every man that has graduated to husband status has been tried and tested by the best friends. 
Why not tell your best friend how you feel about them, what drives you to protect them, the funny story of you grilling their future husband or retell that forbidden story.....the possibilities are endless. 
This is a gift that can pump the Bride up for her wedding, lift her up when she is down later in life and reconnect friendships on a deeper level. 

From the BridesmaidsTributePod
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Wife to Wife Tribute 

We embrace love in all its many faces and want to help you share your unique love story and the happiness that provides you both. Make your partner smile from ear to ear, cry on their dress or suit and fall helplessly in love with you all over again on your wedding day. 
Let us celebrate your love with you and make a memento for your partner that will last forever. 

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