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TributePod Welcome

Personal Podcast tribute for every occasion. 

From you 

We interview you about a special someone in your life that you can then gift to them on a significant occasion. 

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Why TributPod
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A professional private podcast for any occasion. TributePod provides a meaningful gift that builds connection, captures moments in time and provides an everlasting memento for the ultimate compliment for any moment you need. Whether its a present for the bride or groom, a little something for a significant birthday or to bring some light to a persons life who might be sick or injured TributePod has you covered.  

What's Included

Cover Art

Online Interview


Private Link

Full Podcast

They're the Star

Let's explain and book you in 

Every podcast comes with the following 

Personalised Cover Art

Personalised Music

Custom Intro and Outro

Sound Processing

Full Edit

Choose how long you want your podcast to be 



Finished product will be 30 minutes long
Interview will be 45 -55 Minutes

Great for those who are gifting to the always busy



Finished product will be 45 minutes long

Interview will be 60-70 minutes 

Great for those who have lots to say or gifting to people who really enjoy hearing about themselves. 

Want more people? Add some episodes!



Up to 8 people 

Each person has their own episode

Comes with a podcast trailer

Great for providing a really meaningful gift from a group of friends, family, groomsmen, bridesmaids or from children to their parents. 



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Thanks for subscribing! Did we just become best friends

Want to keep up to date with our news and specials? 

Answer a few questions about your tributee



Interview  through our online studio on your phone or laptop

Send TributePod a photo for cover art 



Podcast edit and sound processing


Draft Approval 


Receive Private Podcast

How it works
What it sound like
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Support Illness

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In love
Afro American Kid
Grandma and Grandchild in Embrace


Life Story

Memento for the kids

Three Generations

Mothers Day

Father and Son

Fathers Day

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Our Story

If you ask Mitch what started TributePod, his answer will reference creating a personalised present for his brothers wedding,  however if you know Mitch, TributePod is him in a nutshell; kind, compassionate, conversational and quick witted. Mitch has been unknowingly building TributePod throughout his life, whether it was always talking when he shouldn’t, experiencing a multitude of industries and professions or shedding the occasional tear at children’s movies, his life’s work and character traits has culminated in a thoughtful, meaningful and expressive experience for all. 
With Mitch at the core, the vision and mission of TributePod will always centre around the customer and the creation of a safe space in order to tell your story using trusted systems and processes. 

Our Story
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  • Are the TributePod podcasts private?
    Yes, all TributePod podcasts are private. Once the podcast is finalised, TributePod will provide an RSS Feed (URL Link) to you that enables you to subscribe to the podcast. Only people with the specific link can gain access to your podcast. The RSS (URL Link) works with Apple Podcasts and Google Podcasts.
  • How do I listen to the TributePod Podcasts?
    All TributePod podcasts are available to listen to on either Google Podcasts or Apple Podcasts when using the RSS feed (URL Link) for access. A link to the original file will also be sent to the customer who can then download direct to their phone or computer. An Mp3 player or USB is also available at checkout if you think the Tributee may not understand how to access the relevant apps.
  • If I book a series, how do I book in the other interviews
    You can book all or just one interview in the check out process of your booking. Once you have booked, an email will be sent to you with the calender link for you to send to the other participants. All they need to do is outline their name and who they are dedicating to and we will do the rest.
  • Can I reschedule my interview
    We all know life is hectic, so yes you can reschedule your interview. Head to the appointment in your calendar and reschedule. We do ask that you don't wait until the last minute because that's really annoying for everyone!
  • Can Children do a TributePod
    Absolutely! We really enjoy working with kids and love the honest answers and stories. For interviews with children Under 16, interviews are arranged through a parent or guardian. It is recommended that children under 16 are interviewed with a parent or guardian present to ensure the child feels safe and to assist with any technical issues or clarification of stories.
  • How quick is the turn around
    We can produce your TributePod within 3 days from the completion of the interview.
  • Where does the Interview take place
    TributePod use software provider Riverside FM to record all of our audio which can be accessed by either phone or computer. We suggest that video is active so that we are able to communicate with you properly and connect virtually. Please note, only audio is recorded and not video.
  • How long is the interview
    Great question. For a 30 Minute episode we recommend 1 hour which allows 10 minutes at the start to ensure our connect is great and then the interview will start. For a 45 minute episode it will be maximum of 1 hour 15minutes.
  • What Equipment do I need?
    We want to make this process as easy as possible for you. Firstly to do the interview we ask that you have a phone or laptop. Secondly, internet connection is really important. Lastly, headphones and microphone is ideal but not essential. The audio will be much better quality with headphones and microphone but if you don't have that, then not to worry we will still make it sound great. The earphones with an inbuilt microphone that you receive with your phone is also a great option! If you are worried about the sound, you are more than welcome to hire our microphone that will be express posted to you.
  • Can I request changes to the draft I'm sent
    Of course. We want you to be happy and that's why we send you a draft! We have smooth process for any changes you wish to make and ensure both you and recipient are happy!

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What suits your occasion?

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Thanks heaps for the podcast series. I'm gobsmacked! It had me in tears of joy, love and laughter. I cried through the whole thing. 

Steve Schulz - Fathers Day

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