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Your Draft TributePod 

Thank you for your patience. please see the draft for your podcast below. 
Should you request any changes please time stamp your changes. I.E at 5.35 - I repeat a word. 

Next Step 
Please fill out this approval form and let us know if you are happy with the draft or would like changes 

Please answer the below regarding your draft. A range of changes can be made upon your request. please note that we will try our best to understand your issues and may result in a  phone call to follow up on your needs. Please don't be shy in outlining issues. In saying that, if you enjoyed your TributePod, that's fantastic! Click approve for all and submit. 

Do your approve the artwork?
Do you approve the Intro
Do you approve the music
Do you approve the Inteview
Do you approve the Sound

Thanks for sharing your feedback with us!

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